Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Hands-On Review: The Mid-Range Mass Screen Will Never Shed

Have you been thinking about getting a new flagship from the Samsung Galaxy 7 line up? Moneywise, you might be in a spot where a flagship is a stretch or maybe a 4K UHD TV is in your budget. If that’s the case, then there’s an awesome phone for you in the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G! The following is a Samsung Galaxy M52 5G Hands-Out Review by TekzToz. A M52 5G review by the Cbl designer blog in which they break down the various strengths and weaknesses of Samsung’s newest smartphone. They note that while this device will never be considered a high-end model like the S10, you can still get great features in it for your money!


We take a detailed look at the Samsung Galaxy M52 to see what it has to offer. Known as the “mid-range mass screen”, this device certainly delivers in terms of specs and features, but Samsung could have added a little bit more variety. With Samsung’s Galaxy M52 5G phone, we’re finally getting a phone with a phenomenal screen, and the power to support it. $800 certainly doesn’t seem to be too high a price to pay for that level of luxury and posh technology. The Galaxy M52 looks great but does not perform as well! The screen is too small, music playback sounds terrible, and the cellular connections are frequently unstable. Even though the camera takes decent photos, low-light performance is substandard. Dropping a coin into each earbud and turning on the speaker, and then initiating a 5G connection (the image sees the device carrier options – but no carrier logo or address) The Samsung Galaxy M52 is the middle of the road for this newest lineup. It offers a good mix of specs, release time, and price. Display wise, the M52 comes with a 5G screen encompassing 2106 x 1080 resolution. At its core, this phone offers mid-range performance garnering the solid Snapdragon 810 8890 octa-core processor that has three quad-clusters running at 2.2 GHz coupled with ARM Mali G71 MP8 GPU. Arriving onboard are 4GB RAM with 64GB onboard storage, 13MP camera on the back utilizing OIS 2x Optical Zoom lens and 5MP front facing shooter also sporting an OIS 2x lens. Water resistance is present too for those looking to splash


For the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, the screen is reliable, but it’s not quite as pure blacks-and that is another attribute that will see some non-pros on the edge of investing. Samsung’s fifth generation Samsung Galaxy M52 boasts of a 6.4 inch Super OLED screen that is curved around the edges to give it an innovative look. One of the highlights of this budget phone is its new productivity features, which are integrated into the edge-to-edge Infinity Display. Familiar features like gestures will be offered across all high costs work experiences, some even running upto 300% more stutter-free rates on mobile games. Samsung’s new mid-range phone, Galaxy M52 5G is an impressively compact device with a futuristic touch. Samsung has eliminated all physical buttons and gestures, opting to use twin displays instead of circular home receivers for navigation both within apps and on the main screen. This unique approach has some noticeable benefits such as downsized bezels and seamless display transitions, but we’re not quite convinced they’re worth sacrificing everything we know and love about how we use our phones. Calling the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G from a midrange mass-screen phone is perhaps an oxymoron. The prices of its future factory-manufactured phones are to be customized online at various sites, and the only difference in its specs will be 3D Infinity OIS and an in-display eye scanner.

Instagram Stories

Even mid-range phones like Galaxy M52 are becoming more social media-friendly with enhanced built-in cameras and auto-reminding capabilities. Private chatheads with facial recognition, wide angled front camera with facial unlock, 24MP Panaroma Camera, 4K video capture ability with sizzle effect “Instagram Stories is by far the most talked about aspect of Instagram’s updated app. Instagram has had many updates for this 2019 launch, including ease of navigation with double sessions, new filters and fonts, and updated interface; but it did not neglect the social media craze that is Instagram Stories.” The good news is that Instagram Stories aren’t going anywhere – they’ll be a part of your strategy moving forward. The interesting posts you used to receive in your feed will still be available when you swipe up, but only in the top left corner of the screen. Now that Instagram has upped its game with IGTV and more, this feature may even become more essential than ever before. Instagram Stories will be available on the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G at first. It is more understandable that the Korean company is trying to introduce this feature first on lower-range devices before they release it globally. The larger screen of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G does make Instagram Stories look more larger than they are on most other smartphones. However, some may not find the content laid out well on these new screens without scrolling too much so Instagram users who want their stories to look good will need to use the smartphone’s touch screen features.

Tech Specs

The Samsung Galaxy M52 succeeds in delivering the affordability and granular performance that the market demands. The phone’s display is nothing to shout about, but it can easily be mistaken for a mid-range Android flagship due to its punchy Snapdragon 710 SoC alongside 6GB of RAM and 64GB of base storage. Tech specs! Tech specs! Tech specs! You did a deep deep dive of the Galaxy M52 5G, but did you know it is available in both 128GB and 256GB configurations? Or what about that super cool deep black exterior material that Samsung had installed into the device, giving it a sleek premium look? The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G is something that could easily be overlooked by the average user. However, for those that are looking for a mid-range phone with powerful specs and an incredible battery life, this is solid option. With a price tag of under $500, the Galaxy M52 5G falls right below Samsung’s lofty flagships in terms of pricing. If you’re primarily interested in a device to help you catch up on your current favorite esport, or if your team relies primarily on the organization aspect of having a lot of members, this phone is great for you. This 5G Smartphone was released a few months ago and provides excellent performance for all those who are looking for something in the middle of the market. This smart phone is powered by a 7, Dual Dual A7 12MP+12MP sensors wherein it is also equipped with a 3,800mAh battery, 8GB Storage Capacity and Octa-core 1.8GHz

TouchWiz 8.0

If you’re looking for a non-flagship phone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy M52 is a good option. The handset is famous for being a cheap choice that still provides performance that will be on par with some of the higher-priced phones from Samsung. This inexpensive device has a 64-bit quad core processor and a 3000mAh battery all in a 5.8-inch display with an HD screen resolution of 720×1280 giving it more of an attractive run of the mill look over flagship phones from Samsung. The Galaxy M52 5G brings all the features you can expect from a Samsung smartphone. The specifications are quite similar to its previous close competitor, the G6. It packs 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory with an optional microSD card slot. Expect media-rich visuals with HDR that will really move to impress your audience, like what you previously experienced on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (we’ll be anxiously waiting for it’s price drop). The hands-on review of the Samsung M52 5G Galaxy (Galaxy A50) explores TouchWiz 8.0 running on the mid-range handset, which was released October 10th worldwide. This review highlights the interactions of both its under-the-hood functions and its Google Lens capabilities.

Infrared camera

For someone looking into buying a Samsung Galaxy M52 handset, the company has recently released the phone that will offer you with some perks without breaking bank. The 5G-enabled device features an ultra-wide-angle camera for taking pictures with the inventive Dual View function and can even recognize face matching among people in certain light conditions. Those who are looking for a tightly priced handset that is not too powerful should check out this incredible device. One IR camera allows users to read signs while driving or walk through airports without being searched. “An anonymous reviewer of the Galaxy M52 said that the infrared camera should be an option because it would be a great tool for law enforcement.” A new handset has just been released by Samsung : the Galaxy M52. It is manufactured based on the last 2018 flagship series, which is intended for wide distribution of 5 billion units of hardware version next year.

Bio Engine 2.0 face recognition

Although they don’t match the definition of what a screen should be, panels like these can often be found in midrange devices such as Samsung’s M52 5G, and the newly released Sony H5. Part of this is because unlike most other screens on today’s market, panels like these rely on an innovative biometric face detection system for their user experience, called Bio Engine 2.0 The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G is not without its flaws—after all, it does cost $600. It doesn’t advance in design in the spring savor of features like the Galaxy Note 9 does, it isn’t compatible with eyeglasses, and its 5G connectivity is slower than what you get from a Turbo card online. That being said, I still think its worth buying-especially if you love texting on your phone during coitus. This feature works not only at set distance, but also when something disrupts the device’s position. Bio Engine 2.0 is a more advanced security system that blends authentic facial recognition on the camera with on-screen authentication masks meant to fool hackers. You can’t get a bad face match or a wrong bio ID unless the hacker pulls off a sharp mask of their own, saving you from tedious biometric identification while turning others away from being able to access your device. If the face doesn’t match, it won’t ring, but give this potentially new form of security a try!

Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy M52 follows in the footsteps of 2018 flagships like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Samsung Galaxy S10+. It’s not exactly an edge-to-edge design, but it can easily compete with mid-range devices like the Xiaomi face. And it has one of the most useful features on any device of this price bracket: wireless charging. Network connectivity isn’t the only thing included with the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, it also boasts wireless quick charging. So you have absolutely no excuse to miss a call or text this time because of out-of-battery fear. With a solitary USB-C port for MHL devices, wireless charging takes up little space on this device. You can simply place the case on the charging pad and have it start charging your device. I’ll be the first to admit that a phone with a powerful battery is one of my top priorities, and if a phone offers wireless charging, I will grab it fast. The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G has a 4000 mAh battery that offers wireless charging capabilities that is about two times faster than other wired chargers. Compatible devices do need to have the Qi wireless charger embedded, but they provide an exceptionally safe and efficient lending of power. In my personal opinion, it’s time for wireless charging to take over from wired charging as soon as possible.


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