Review: Haier Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (5.8 Kg)

In the summer of 2015, I bought a washing machine from Haier. It was recommended to me by a friend’s relative and is touted as a “fully-automatic top-loading washing machine with an improved A+ grade filter.” This particular model is advertised as having the lowest water consumption in its category and has a patented 3D capsule inner filter that can reduce overall energy requirements and prevent any type of bacterial and odor buildup. What is better for your clothes when they’re dirty – a machine which does the work for you, or a person who uses their judgement and pays attention to where something feels nicer? Find out in this article what our washing machine epiphany has been, and if the pros of an AI-powered washer outweigh any cons. Here is our comprehensive review of the Haier Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine. This washing machine promises a range of features, from its sleek black design to its powerful tub with a capacity of 5.8 Kg.

This Top Loader Washing Machine Provides Effortless Cleanliness, Quick Cycle Times, and Low Energy Use

This is a considered to be the best washing machine under the mid-range price range. Made of stainless steel, it is compact with a sleek finish. The dimensions are 60 x 60 x 89 cm taking up only 53 liters of space on the floor which makes this washing machine perfect for any area in your house. If finding space for this washer is proving challenging, consider getting an optional portable stand to place over your current washing machine to prove the perfect storage solution! Haier’s fully automated top loading washing machine offers quick cycle times for busy professionals, energy-saving features, and top of the line results. The Quick Cycle Start option allows for no wait between loads of laundry which is great for those with demanding schedules. Covered cycles include Delicate Mode, Quick Wash, Clear Dent (Brum Matic), Clear V (Intensive), Durable Stain (Brum Matic), Heavy Duty (Intensive) New for this year, the Haier W54N Fully-automatic Top-Loading washing machine provides quick cycle times, effortless cleanliness in one hour, and low water usage in its eco-friendly design. Features like the automatic detergent dispenser make washing dishes easier than ever. It’s easy to put together, no tools required! I have been using a Haier Top Loader Washing Machine for over a month now and I can’t say that it has disappointed. Currently, our washing machine has a water pressure setting range of 0-30, a wash duration of 3 minutes-16 hours, and an energy cost about 30 watts. This makes the cycle time approximately 4 minutes. The only part it doesn’t have is a rinse or spin cycle which isn’t really an issue as these settings can be set in the machine’s function settings manually.


One of the most outstanding features is that it does not require any hanging or pretreating clothes before loading them in the machine – given that they are already safe for dry washing. When placing your wet clothes into the machine, all you have to do is press their buttons to start draining water. This product has a fully electronic, manual dial/push button with sturdy tub, dial vs potentiometer control panel, mattress height controller. This washing machine has an approachable design with a control panel that is dimly lit. When selecting the size of the load, you will see options for small, medium or large. This is a fully-automatic washing machine which is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t have to be manually filled with water unlike traditional washing machines The main selling point of this washing machine is that it offers up to 10 washes before needing a refill. In addition, there are 14-16 programs, top and down loaders, metal agitator spins the clothes at 1200 rpm, double wash cycle for up to 7 kg of clothes. This washing machine is suitable for families. It features 3 large capacity tainless steel tubs that present the most load space for clothes. The tainless steel tubs are present in the washing machine provides heavy-duty strength and durability ideal for comforts of daily wash. The level control function allows the user to define how much water they want to use to run the cycle with perfect effect on preservation of natural resources. This washing machine is one of the best options available in the market at present.

Runs on 110 volt AC power supply

Haier Washing Machines are two and a half times stronger and last three and half times longer than traditional machines. This high-quality washing machine will detangle dirt and small pieces just like a professional. It also measures the water temperature to prevent any accidents from overloading or drying clothes too quickly, which can cause lint build-up. This fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine by the Chinese company, Haier, isn’t your regular washer. Instead of using a mechanical system to lift laundry in and out of the tub, this washing machine is powered by electricity. Meaning you are not spending time lifting heavy objects. The device totals 5.8 Kg because it requires 110 volt AC source-and picks up 5 kW’s of power at maximum capacity! This washing machine is great for both personal and commercial use. It has a top loading door with 3 loading options, which makes it easy to wash more clothes at the same time. It washes up to 5 Kg of laundry per hour, so it will be done by the time you get home from work. The controls are programmable so that you can set your desired temperature. Inocencio Huamanz promises bundles of features with every purchase. The Fully-automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is a perfect fit for its “Eco-standard” plan. This fully-automatic top-loading washing machine has a noiseless pad that can be comfortably scrubbed (deepened) without any noise. Because the two big spinning wheels only spin around one axis, this allows for efficient cleaning. It also comes with a 14 place temperature control function that has 16 levels of temperature control, which you can customize. Overall, this is an excellent washing machine for most households.

Quiet operation with quiet washing speed of 2000 RPM.

Non-silent spin operations, no. A child can’t hear any noise while sleep time from running the washing cycle. The top-loading washing machine is relatively easy to use and for smaller machine, may be quite inexpensive. The machine is designed with a convenient 3D folding frame that allows the user to easily pull the arm and move it in all three directions in order to load and unload the laundry and keep it in and out of the rotating drum when it is not put in the dryer. From personal experience, this machine is much quieter than our old washing machine. The top-loading feature makes loading laundry much easier. The Haier fully-automatic top loading washing machine is equipped with Vibration Reduction technology, which ensures consistently quiet operation. This reduces the noise level by some 8dB. The product has a dryer time of almost 2 hours on high speed, while it fares better on light loads taking less than 30 minutes to complete the cycle on low speed. The main functions of Haier fully-automatic top-loading washing machine (5.8 Kg) include (1) auto and manual washing and drying; (2) drying, which can be done at adjustable speeds; (3) washing capacity items 3, 4, 5; (4) 100% energy saving program.

10 kg Capacity

A speed of 9 kg in just over an hour, this machine uses an advanced washing algorithm that can detect stained zones on clothes and fabrics. This machine is also very smart, providing digital colours for easy identification of the principal load cycle. This washing machine offers a 10 kilograms wash load capacity, fully-automatic washing process, incredible energy efficiency, Spin Clean System for better performance. If you’re looking for a large washing machine that will save time, energy, and hassle then the Fully-Automatic Haier Top Loading Washing Machine is what you need. You can choose between one or two wash methods (Hot or Cold) with its 7 pre-programmable wash cycles. The Haier features both Automatic/Manual Mode so you don’t have to worry about flapping your arms around while trying to use it. This model also uses 35% less water than other washing machines on the market!

24 hr Delay Wash Option

This Haier Top-Loading Washing Machine is ideal for anyone with heavy laundry to wash, especially people who only have access to cold water. The machine can be set to run up to 24 hours after the previous load was finished or it can be manually started. This Haier washing machine from the Einstein Series is durable and has a 24 hr delay wash option. It can wash up to 30 kg of laundry in one wash cycle, which gives you plenty of time to clean your laundry before it becomes smelly or musty. There are 4 washing programs available with different parts parts wet, including the Normal High Speed Spin, High Speed Spin, Normal Low Speed Spin, and Ladder Programs for high-maintenance loads. Haier has perfected the lazy cycle to cater for that busy packer. Users can give the machine an even more delay time by pushing the “24 hr Delay Wash Option” button before starting or during the cycle. If you’ve ever attempted to start a load late, you know how important this feature can be.

Silent Knob for easy user adaptability

One of the most loved features of this washing machine that I think is particularly important is its “Silent knob” for easy user adaptability. If you’re struggling with frustration at exactly how to use this washer, you can take comfort in knowing that deciding what setting best suits your needs and what type of clothing should be washed will be as simple as flipping a switch. Whether you have children or just have a grouchy roommate, the silent knob on the fully-automatic top-loading washing machine makes it simple to operate without disturbing others. This is a great feature for those who are sensitive to noise. The Haier Fully-Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine has a very silent knob with an easy user adaptability. One of its top features is the ability to use two laundry cycles at once, which saves you time! The only downside of the machine is that it does not have a quick wash timer.

Tap Rinse feature to prevent water leakages.

This washing machine has a tap rinse feature. Simply fill the dispenser with your laundry soap and wash that way, knowing that you’ll never have to worry about water leaking into your laundry pile. Given the numerous advantages of this washing machine, there is really no doubt on which one of these two machines would be your choice of how to make the purchase. One of its best features is the tap rinse routine that prevents water leaks or bucket overflow. The time allotted for washing clothes with this launderette is just around 22 minutes on average, making it very convenient.


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