Realme GT 5G Review: Hyper Performance At Low Price

If you’re constantly on the go and need a portable device to keep up with all of your tasks, let us introduce you to the Realme GT 5G. With an unbeatable build quality and speedy performance, this device is sure to make your day-to-day life much easier. If you are looking for a new smartphone to try out, then look no further because the Realme GT 5G is excellent for value for money! With releasing their new model, Realme has brought us a bang for the buck – the Realme GT 5G with such amazing features as an octa-core CPU and a powerful GPU. If you are looking for a new mobile phone on your next shopping spree, know what to expect with the Realme GT 5G model. Today in this realme gt review, we will be bringing our subscribers in-the-know information on the latest phone in the market – the 5G enabled realme gt limited edition. Contrary to popular belief, 5G is not limited to areas with limited coverage. A lot of the processors out there are currently limited only by their energy appetite and their cost is also skyrocketing because of it.

Realme GT 5G Review Aims To Take On Budget Android

Incorporated with a 5G chipset, the “Realme 5” offers a practically unlimited performance. This power is applied to a lot of features, including the infinity- tilted LCD panel, which you have been searching for in an Android device under ₹13,990. The display provides you with a smooth and rich experience according to the user’s eyes. If users prefer larger formats, up to 18.5 inches can be achieved through an additional panel without sacrificing any capabilities or sacrificing quality. The Realme GT 5G is much different when compared to previous models the company has released in the past. Earlier, they focused on mid-range offerings with starting prices starting at $200 dollars. Now there comes an affordable offering that aims to take on budget Android devices. At less than $350 dollars it’s hard to find a real performance smartphone that offers this many perks for this low an asking price. The Realme brand is aiming to achieve true hyper performance and affordability with the Realme GT 5G which was released this October. It also features a FHD+ display and powerful HiSilicon 4×4 octa-core processor with Adreno 630 GPU. The device has a variety of colours such as Pitch Black, Mint Green, and Blue. Realme has taken the budget side of the smartphone space with its latest release of Realme GT 5G. This new device looks to shake up the low-priced market through its use of an impressive 6GB RAM, which puts it higher up on our list of recommendations for general Android users.

Realme GT 5G’s Specs And Features

The Realme GT 5G has 5G support, a fingerprint sensor with 0.1 second unlock speed, fast charging, long-lasting battery life with 50 milliamp per hour consumption, Corning Gorilla Glass for protection for your phone that is at the most competitive prices out there. The Realme GT 5G’s specs are on the good side on paper. A Snapdragon 710 SoC, 8GB RAM, 128GB on-board storage, AI dual rear cameras, 4000mAh power-packed battery on a 7.8-inch FHD+ OLEDdisplay have it doing some speedy stuff. And on first use of the phone-the fingerprint is fast enough to unlock the device instantly.-comes an affordable price tag of just Rs 17,999 making its hard to resist this phone that packs all that performance without being the kind of device that makes your back hair curl up in fear The RealMe GT 5G vs. the Redmi Note 7 Pro: A Comparison The Realme GT 5G is a phone with many powerful specs and advanced technology at a low price. It boasts a dual rear cam, Snapdragon 710, 3 GB of RAM, 3400mAh battery, 16 MP front camera, USB Type-C port and running on Android 9 Pie OS for 5G support. The Realme GT 5G has a 6.3-inch OLED screen and a MediaTek Helio P60, the flagship CPU of the year. The phone has a 16MP+5MP dual rear camera and 20MP front camera with FHD video recording capability, providing crystal clear images and crisp details even at night. Additionally, these cameras provide 3D noise sensors for clear photos in low light environment.

Realme GT 5G Is The World’s First Smartphone With LYF Brand

Realme, a sub-brand of LYF recently came into India with their new sub-$350 release. The Realme GT 5G has many features that are reminiscent to the best high end know how along with some added technologies not yet seen on phones of its price. These include software driven noise cancellation, destructive infrared beamling to autofocus rapidly moving objects besides regular autofocus system. This phone outshines most phones in the sub-₹ 15000 range. It has an amazing camera, great specs, and excellent performance. The 5G connectivity makes it stand out among other budget phones. Perhaps the best part is that despite having no headphone jack, the speakers on this device sound pretty good too!!! The Realme GT 5G was launched in China earlier this year at a price of 1,999 yuan ($279) for the 64GB model. The device includes 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage. It has a 6.4-inch FHD+ IPS LCD display with an aspect ratio of 18.7:9. The metal frame has placed on one hand to make it easy to operate. It also supports LYF branding, which is one of the firsts ever seen in real practice in mobile devices.

Realme GT 5G’s User Experience

The Realme GT 5G’s swift response is not its only impressive feat. The ability to 4K HDR video recording at frame rates of up to 240fps is an element that will delight viewers. Add the triple-lens 12-megapixel camera for rear and front face capture, Apple FaceID authentication, 8GB RAM + 512GB ROM with a fingerprint sensor, full day battery life, dual ASEAN band compatibility with VOOC ‘Dash Charge’ technology and you have a smartphone ready to take on the world. Realme GT 5G looks amazing, starts up quickly and displays a 3D effect. Its camera captures superb images, and it even has a built-in rearview camera to capture a 360-degree view of your car. It has an ultra-light frame with less than 0.2 kg in weight thanks to its full metal-plated support frame and supports gesture control for your phone. Although the battery might not last as long as some other devices out there, it charges extremely fast so you’ll always have enough power. The Realme GT 5G is a smartphone that bucks the trend with an impressive amount of speed and potential for performance. It has Samsung’s in-house Exynos 9810 processor and a generous 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage which absorbs all the tasks you throw at it with smooth efficiency. The bulkiness, weight, and size conspire against it however. Although it rivals somewhat similarly priced competitors on paper, this phone sticks out from the crowd more than most for what was achieved by constant overclocking.


The Realme GT 5G is coming with several bold features that are capable of generating maximum power, making the phone compatible for too many users. The phone comes with a futuristic, uncompromising design to offer premium looks. Its aura also remains impeccable throughout the device due to its reflective top plate and flame patterns on the side. After putting this phone through its paces, it’s time to talk about the final verdict. As you’ll read in the conclusion, the Realme 5G does indeed perform well for its price point. Those who are looking for a powerful smartphone that won’t burn a hole in their wallet will find that the Realme GT delivers everything they could want from a phone in this price bracket.


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