Lenovo Moto Z, Modular Phone With a Futuristic Concept

What is your standard set of features for a new device these days? For the Moto Z, you have an impressive 32 or 64GB of storage, extensive waterproofing capabilities, insane battery life, and an unbeatable price tag. Now that’s what I call bang for your buck – how about yours? With this article, you’ll learn all about the Lenovo Moto Z and what it has to offer. The Moto Z’s modular design allows the phone to adapt its abilities depending on your needs, getting bigger screens for surfing or power increases when you need it. The Lenovo Moto Z is definitely one of the best phones that can be purchased in 2017. It’s sleek, it has excellent features, and its futuristic design is truly impressive! But at the same time, this may also be why so many people are wary about it. Sure, if you buy this phone, you won’t need to worry about changing chargers or batteries anymore since this phone charges wirelessly via magnetic resonance. The battery lasts for an amazing 3-days! Want Clad from drop-resistant aluminum and packed with Snapdragon improvements, the Moto Z doesn’t have to worry about all the bumps in the road. Innovate with speed, fluidity, and style with your 2017 phone!

What is the Lenovo Moto Z?

The Lenovo Moto Z is the company’s first flagship device, launched in 2016. It needs to be compatible with all components. Therefore, it has a unibody design. The accessories can be connected magnetically to it. The Lenovo Moto Z features a sleek, futuristic design with a combinable modular design. It has an all-glass back that hosts two models. The one common model has a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core CPU with 6GB of RAM, 32GB of storage with microSD support, 3060mAh battery, dual rear speakers, dual mono front facing microphones, fixed 32MP f/2.0 camera on the back with electronic image stabilization, 2160p@30fps video capture, 16MP wide angle front facing camera, and fingerprint sensor in the home button. The Lenovo Moto Z is a modular phone that can somehow transform into various Android handsets like the Moto X Force. The phone comes with an elastic frame module that is adjustable and you can personalize the back to express your personality in addition to purchasing different modules in different colors which can be unclipped without any additional tools. The Lenovo Moto Z is a modular phone that’s very similar to the LG G5. The Moto Z allows for your investment to last longer and grow with you. If you already own the Moto Z (and very satisfied with it) and want more options, look no further than buying more modules and swapping them in and out. The Lenovo Moto Z is a modular phone from Lenovo with a futuristic idea of how the parts of the cell phone can be replaced with accessories that can help you customize your handset. You can buy a projector to use as a front-facing camera. You can buy a battery pack that can charge up your handset in just 15 minutes. There are modules for speakers and keyboard cases, and even headphone jacks incorporated into the edges of the device. Another incredible feature is that the back side is completely non-functional because it cannot hold anything at all – it’s simply supposed to reduce debris from getting inside the device!

Technical Specifications

Lenovo has raised the bar with their Moto Z device. They claim that the phone uses a liquid cooling system that features a copper mesh to draw heat away from the cores which is able to work up to two times faster than traditional methods so they’ve furnished it with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, humongous 4GB RAM, wireless charging capabilities, 5 Gbps Sprint/10 Gbps T-Mobile data speed compatibility and 3760 mAh battery. What sets the Moto Z apart from other flagship smartphones? The modular design and its camera. The newest Android-powered smartphone has a 12 MP, rear fingerprint scanner and several modes of shooting that allow it to be used as a camera or as a digital assistant. Along with those features, the Moto Z also includes quality audio and 4K video sensors as well as enhancements like high performance wireless charging. A powerful processor, included battery (removable) and Motorola Connect software combine to produce such incredible features such as voice controls and on-screen prompts displays. Lenovo Moto Z is an engineering marvel with a modular design and a range of features. With a thin footprint, the phone has large display dimensions of 5.5 inches, giving users more maneuverability in their day-to-day life thanks to its 18:9 aspect ratio. In order to improve your work productivity while on the move, the Moto Z has a boost mode that makes it twice as fast for short bursts of time. If durability is a top concern for you, you’ll love this feature considering the phone has two possible configurations- one with a back panel consisting of glass and aluminum while another version is made from fiberglass and magnesium.

Five ways to use it for smartphones

The concept for this phone is very cool. They came up with the idea that there should be no buttons, just a screen that has the commands on it. The modular back of this phone comes off. Users can place batteries, speakers, and magnetic plugs onto it to maximize their devices. Smartphone batteries typically die quickly and struggle to keep up with the smartphone’s capabilities. With a modular design like the Lenovo Moto Z, users can easily switch out their battery with one compatible with their needs and not be stuck with something they can’t use or depend on. The Moto Z is set to become more innovative as updates such as Google Daydream-ready rapid charging dock hit markets. The Lenovo Moto Z, which was released for smartphones on June, has a long list of features and customizable parts on the back of the phone. To start, it comes with an innovative concept that lets users spend as much as they want, but it is still fairly affordable. The LED light on the front of the phone itself gives an impactful look and can also be used to control some aspects of the phone such as changing ring volumes and media volume

Thoughts on the Design

The design of the Moto Z phone is very interesting and futuristic. With a Moto Mod at the bottom, changing the orientation on particular particular pieces on the phone. The individual Mod pieces add real depth to the unique new shape and really brings it to life. When we first came across the concept design for this Moto Z we were quite taken by the futuristic and modular look of it. We thought it provided a much needed contrast with Motorola’s current norm, and that hasn’t changed. It’s not the device that we all desired, and it’s not as thin as some were hoping for; but Lenovo has managed to make it work in ways that lead us to believe they will succeed in finding a formula to best suit their customers. Recent innovations in hardware are rare for smartphones. Now, companies are finally making phones that look more like something from the future rather than something straight out of 2016. The Lenovo Moto Z is no exception. It has a unique design that allows it to be taken apart into five different modules that each come with its own battery and also features a modular card-slot. When I first got my Moto Z, one of the first things that caught my eye was how sleek the overall shape is. The contours are nicely sculpted without being too sharp or angular. The metal frame comes in three different colors including gold, silver, and dark gray. Along with the frame are two panels on each side that are made out of strong Gorilla Glass 5 to preserve whatever you have inside.
Within the sides there are three hardware “modules” which may not be familiar terms for many people but if you have an Android phone it’s likely these terms will sound familiar to you. These hardware “modules” may be anything from a barometer, UV detector, or a proximity sensor.

Final thoughts

My final thoughts on the Lenovo Moto Z are that it has an incredibly cool industrial design with an industrial feel. The industrial design of the device wasn’t initially appealing to me, but after some time I grew to like the industrial appearance. On top of that, if you like showing off your flashy device, there aren’t many phones on the market that can accommodate someone with bulging pockets. Whether you’re a buyer, a cool person, or simply someone that’s excited about new technology, the entire Moto Z line can be a thrill to use. An innovative design and powerful performance make me proud of how Lenovo has turned out the new Moto Z line. Despite the design, performance, and other commercial aspects of the Moto Z, one thing is clear: Lenovo likely spent more time on its headphone jack than any other feature in the phone.


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