Acer ConceptD Computer (2021)

For years, computers have come in all shapes and sizes – from clunky desktop machines to sleek laptops to tablets that are made for on-the-go life. What the Acer ConceptD does is take it one step further. The PC has a tablet-sized display panel that connects to it via a flexible hinge, giving you the advantages of mobility without sacrificing processing or screen size. New 21-inch concept has an available 3D display and Bluetooth keyboard. The Acer ConceptD computer creates a mouse next to the monitor, and the monitor is placed in an oddly rectangular space. The monitor has many windows open inside of it and they overlay one another in such a way that it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. Open tabs clutter the upper-left side of the screen while a headset rests on a shelf directly underneath it.

Introducing the ConceptD 5 (2021)

The new Acer concept computer will sweep you off your feet. As one of the first to hit the market, it’s high performance will stun you. Not to mention the “AirBoard Pro” feature, interchangeable keyboards, up to 16 cores which will allow people to work even more efficiently than before. The Acer ConceptD 5, our latest product release in the ConceptD series that starts at only US$599, is sleek and made for the modern era. The current model still includes a 2-in-1 design with an LCD touchscreen to create an immersive experience. But since it’s designed for gamers are are multimedia creators, the battery life have been improved! Come in today to find out what this next generation computer can unleash.

Main Specs

This next-generation computer is supposed to have an 8K display, meaning about 16 times the number of pixels of a 4K display with four neural real cores, 60x faster than Apple’s new MacBook Pro.
Paragraph: It’s unclear the amount of RAM the concept Acer computer will have, but it will most likely be comparable to Apple’s new MacBook Pro. Intel® Core™ i5-7Y57 for HUDSON VALLEY SKATEBOARDS
I5-7260U processor
This chip is a big upgrade from previous generations. It’s a Broadwell U Processor(dual core) and can clock speeds up to 3.4ghz. Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 make make the CPU ready when it needlessly preparing for unexpected load spikes from software or user operations, or when it anticipates utilization demand, this tradition mechanism provides the most accurate processor performance level in order to achieve any of our taste desire. This also greatly increase the boot speed of our computer or laptop which is one of coolest features in this technology.
That being said with all its

4K Display? Nope… But Really, Really Close.

The Acer ConceptD Computer (2021) is supposed to be showcased in 2020, but it’s already got some exciting features. It’s so small it fits in the palm of your hand and can be upgraded in seconds by adding RAM, PCIe slots, storage drives, and wireless connectivity options. Looks like an expensive buy-in for sure. Last week, Acer unveiled their concept for the next generation of laptop, or rather, conceptD. The device looks very similar to most laptop models on the market today but is designed to incorporate gesture controls–waving your hands in front of the monitor to navigate life ‘easier.’ The display size is up-to-date at 27.8 inches with a 2,880X1,800 resolution. Acer unveiled this new ConceptD computer at CES to demonstrate what’s next in display technology. They are aiming for 170 pixels per inch, which is still far away from what you find in TV/movie-quality IPS displays, yet it would still make for a significant improvement over today’s 140 pixels per inch.
It’ll also combat eye-fatigue with better viewing angles and more realistic colors that change depending on the viewing angle.

Touch Screen? Of Course!

PCs have been missing a lot from the feature list. But not so in the next Acer ConceptD computer. Details of this device, which was announced by Acer in late 2018, are still scarce but sources say touch screen technology will be present in the Intel-powered device’s screen. Unfortunately, no further specification is available at this time. Acer plans a concept for 2021 about a multifunctional computer without a keyboard. The display is 4K and has a touch screen, thereby becoming the new focal point of the device. Users can interactively peel or suspend information from any point on the surface to get more details. The interactive display surface offers support for diverse mixed reality hardware-enabled interactions to create responsive esports with complex applications. Acer might make a range of creative computers for this very purpose and release them in 2021. The company intends to introduce them as part of their ConceptD series, which is built with all sorts of new features and design choices. It’s worth mentioning that the computer will be heavy on innovation and creative features like touch screens, making it one of the most creative models to date.

Acers Unique Typing Methodology: Swipe Typing 101

The Acer ConceptD Computer was introduced to make typing easier with a new typing methodology called Swipe Typing 101. The process is simple with an entry pad and virtual keyboard on the screen. To make a letter, you drag your finger across, or “swipe”, the key it appears on. When done correctly, the keyboard sounds a beep and your letter appears on the screen. You can also disable autocorrection so that typing mistakes are preserved for transcription later on. Acer’s method uses a floating “halo” or circle around the sensor dot. This innovative design means users won’t need to either look at the keyboard during typing, which would hurt interaction and efficiency, or sustain any trauma from wrongly hitting keys. (speeds up your typing by as much as 30%). Acer has introduced a new typing methodology called Swipe Typing to cover the shortcomings of traditional touch-typing and other text entry systems. The users first start by sliding their finger over the virtual keyboard, let’s say to the letter B. When they release their finger, their device will prompt them to select from six letters: BRQSTUVWYZ.

How Much Battery Life Does the keyboard Get?

The keyboard features a patented fabrication process in which super thin sheets of graphene are layered atop one another in order to create an invisible barrier which blocks electromagnetic radiation. Apparently, after two days of vigorous testing, Acer’s team only experienced 13% battery depletion on the keyboard. The keyboard has a phenomenal battery life. According to Lenovo, it can last up to five days on a single charge. At least 2 hours New portable keyboards are being created with the unprecedented attention to sustainable living. This Acer keyboard is powered exclusively by solar energy, allowing it to work outdoors all day long even in low light conditions. Checking this out would save on printer ink, cut back on wastefulness, and give you plenty of time to work outside.


Watching an amazing new innovation in computer engineering come to life is inspiring, but sometimes completely overwhelming. I remember there being a lot of technical talk surrounding the final presentation of this synthetic diamond technology, but the DL prototype demonstration better illustrated that this was not just another scientific discovery. This future computer felt like it could really provide people with the computing experience they deserve, which means that it’s up to us to make sure it gets out there. Acer is a company which makes computers and they have a new one in the works. They are going to release it in 2021 which is in three years from now.


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